performative video art, installation
Artist-Residency at SEA Foundation, Tilburg Netherlands

EOG (Electrooculography) Recorder, GPS Tracker, Google Streetview API,
dimension varies

untitled (2017) considers dream as a phenomenological interface that gives feedback to one’s daily lives, reveals subjective figurations that defy one’s spatial understanding in a fixed timeline. For this work, I walked around city streets with a GPS tracker running on my smartphone without any specific destination or route, but I took care not to walk down the same street twice or come back the way I had gone. On the night of the walk before asleep, I started running the EOG(Electrooculography) device attached to my head to record the lateral movement of my eyes during sleep. On the next day, I generated a timelapse video using Google Streetview images in accordance with the GPS route and length of walk on the previous day, then triggered the video based on the recording of the eye movement (Rapid Eye Movement: REM sleep recall elaborate, vivid, hallucinogenic and emotional dreams) to highlight the frames of the hyperlapes video, as if taking a mental photo while walking down the road and passing places.

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