World Premiere of Night Cloud

‘Temporary Landscapes’ at Velocity Dance Center, Seattle WA in May 18-20th 2018

Collaborative Project by Sangjun, Yoo and Daniel E Roberts


‘Night Cloud’
Choreographer: Daniel E Roberts

Dancers:                       Biag Gaongen, Anthony Milian, Hannah Simmons, and Erin Yen
Design:                         Sangjun Yoo
Music:                          A Crimson Grail, Part II by Rhys Chatham
Costumes:                    Carl Bronsdon, courtesy of Cornish College of the Arts Dance Department

‘Night Cloud’ is a new media performance project featuring the work of new-media artist Sangjun Yoo and choreographer Daniel Roberts. Stemming from a shared interest in exploring visibility/transparency through movement of light and the weather system, we created a cloud environment inside a black-box theater setting, using four light projectors and a haze machine. Our process focuses on the intersection of new media and choreography and how both light and movement patterns can develop in the described environment. Our goals are to realize a collaborative performance that holds the integrity of our respective artistic mediums, gain a new perspective on dance-technology collaborations, and create an innovative digital performance piece.

To invoke the two-dimensional figure in three-dimensional space dynamically, Yoo utilizes multiple light projections of morphing geometric lines and planes that orchestrate and physicalize on a hazy stage, reveal or conceal the dancer’s movement to explore the vast range of visual effects that could be achieved through the spatial understanding. ‘Night Cloud’ searches for a connection to boundaries of natural and artificial spaces. Roberts and Yoo embrace the concept of artistic transcendence through collaboration, synthesized through performance.