site-specific installation
installed in a 40′ long shipping container, Kobe Biennale 2013 ‘Art in Container’
projector, sensor, iridescent sheer fabric, fan, reflective mylar, led ropes, speaker
80 x 86 x 72″

‘Nebula’ is a site specific installation for KOBE Biennale 2013 ‘Art in a Container’.

When I look toward our star; the sun, normally, everything in my vision turns into visible and invisible. This is nature’s rule: an object is only visible when light reflects it. Under a light source, every subject is illuminated in human perception because light amplifies our vision.

Sometimes, I question myself perceiving specific things in between variety of appearances in my life, but also my endless desire and movement toward my perspective. Because we state in an artificial world, which is designed by human being, I see there is a dilemma to find ourselves in a natural space over the artificial surroundings. In search of our dreams and self-consciousness, we feel lost in between two worlds. Yet, we direct our perspectives to the distance further than able to see, in between numerous visual encounters in reality. Why are we longing other sides of our boundaries? What drives us to process time and space beyond physical and psychological distance, to someone or something else? To find our own reflections that transcend the reality, I started to find the light that travels physical and psychological distance, because we are the distant dreamers. An ambivalent feeling in a dark and hazed space drives viewers self-motivation to discover.


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