single channel video

% the original version of this video is designed to have a lower volume level, the viewer cannot hear anything without a set of headphones or sound amplifier. Below video presentation has amplified audio.

drafted (2014) is a multimedia video and audio piece that one person at a time can listen to and watch with headphones. The video is based on a time-based documentation of mundane surroundings in a Buffalo NY suburb. The audio is consisted of multiple radio frequencies, which skip and rotate through static, giving snippets of conversations, songs and commercials from a wide variety of stations, while a still-shot video of different locations slowly transitions from one place to the next. During my exploration of this region, I have collected radio receptions in random access stations by using a sound recorder in multiple locations, also taking videos at the same time. Beginning with a radio tower, the video presents mundane places that may not attract notice like a close-up field, a distant road and the sky, power lines, trees and a natural gas well. Throughout my exploration in this specific region, I experienced an interesting aspect of human perception to inaudible appearances in different locations. When I was switching and listening to randomly selected radio receptions, I often perceived individual contents as if they are connected as a whole; advertisements, news, musical lyrics in a continuous narrative. Without a pattern or purposeful narrative, the piece pulls and tugs the viewer’s brain to shape the audio experience, while resisting simple understanding. Unlike a literary cut-up or a collage, this piece focuses its gaze inward, on the way the viewer’s mind handles the experience. This uncanny perception is consistently shifting the notion of spatial awareness over time-consciousness into a temporal space.  This video piece investigated a deeper understanding on spatial conflicts between dislocated time-fragments, also experiencing different angles of reality.