site-specific participatory video installation

multi-screen video projection, web interface (HTML5, PHP, MySQL, Google API), Kinetic Sensor
dimension varies

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untitled [ ] – interactive is an interactive video artwork. This interactive work considers the one-way interactivity of internet streaming as a communication barrier and thus attempts to realize the topological landscape of the city in non-linear time. The image-processing amplifies the transitioning matter that travels the boundaries of sites and resident’s cognitive attachments to it. The interactivity in this work considers a meeting between real and virtual that gives feedback to the resident’s understanding of the city where they live.I walked around the city without a plan and monitored the walking route using a GPS tracker. Afterward, I revisited the journey through Google Streetview. The images from Google Streetview are reformed into an animation that has a nonlinear time. Each frame of the walk gets highlighted while displaying two randomly chosen responses together from the participants’ voluntary contributions through a web interface, where participants are asked to submit their responses about the city.