I hear a tree in the wind at night. The tree sounds like one huge mass. The individual leaves are obscured into one whole. What I know as a tree is not what I perceive in the darkness. For a moment it is not a tree, my inability to identify the mass breaks the sequential moments of memory, and reality becomes continuity.

Art is based on feeling rather than intellect, and its value is experiential for the viewer. Rather than looking to the artwork, we look inside – for this is where the real art lies, in opening ourselves to the present moment. This idea belongs to the contemporary notion that art is not a product – it is a process, and its value is not monetary, but in its power to enrich us as we experience it. We can buy a work of art, but we can’t buy the expression/experience of the work – the artist’s, or our own.

My creative projects are based on observations of the screen as a receptive surface where the invisible becomes visible and perception and imagination combine. The screen reveals the process of the human mind on perceiving specific things in between a variety of appearances and the endless desire and self-experience that drive one’s perspective to somewhere over physical distance, somewhere we can see our progressions in time. Further, the interactive system I devised in new media artworks showcases new possibilities of expressions and communications through found materials, computer-aided, data-driven, real-time visualization.